About Paula


My publishing career started as a teenager, when I was lucky enough to win First Prize in the Hartford Courant Editorial Contest in 1991.  (Since then, I have learned that writing awards are pretty hard to come by!)

I am now the author of 3 books, including The Ultimate Marketing Toolkit and The Quick-and-Easy Web Site, as well as my latest book, The Working Mom’s Survival Guide.  Each book was different, and I enjoyed writing every one.  I have also been fortunate enough to publish more than 50 articles, essays, and stories nationwide in such magazines as Succeed, Supervision, and Highlights for Children.

While moonlighting as a writer, I worked full-time as a curriculum designer at a large Fortune 500 company.  In 1999, I quit my job to start my business, Peters Writing Services, which creates written documents for small and large companies all across the globe.  I am still managing the business, as well as delivering seminars for associations across the nation—and I enjoy doing both.

Somehow, in the midst of all this, my husband Ryan and I managed to start a family.  We met years ago, when we were both working for that big corporation.  My son Zachary is now 3 years old, and climbs all over everything.  (Wow!  Time flies…some days, more than others.)  Although I grew up in Connecticut, and went to school at Williams College in Massachusetts, I now live and work in a little suburb south of Kansas City called Olathe.  I enjoy living here, and hiking the miles and miles of greenway trails during my “mommy time” (which is just about nonexistent, these days!).

My husband and I are fanatical about cooking, and are members of two gourmet cooking clubs with a bunch of great folks in the area.  Sushi is our favorite treat.  We also love to travel whenever we can, and are still getting the hang of travelling with a toddler (maybe there’s another book idea?).

That’s pretty much the long and short about me.  By the way, if you were looking for my “official” bio for editors and media…then click here.

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