Paula’s Biography

Paula Peters is an award-winning author, as well as an entrepreneur, working mother, and nationally recognized writing expert with more than 15 years’ experience in technical writing, curriculum design, and content marketing innovation. Paula has published more than 50 articles nationwide and 3 books for working mothers and businesses, including The Working Mom’s Survival Guide, The Ultimate Marketing Toolkit, and The Quick-and-Easy Website.

Paula has trained thousands of executives, managers, and entrepreneurs across North America on writing techniques, leadership, and marketing. Most recently, she has presented the seminars “The 4 Best Practices for Writing Winning Reports” at the Mid-America Manufacturing Technology Center, and “The 10 Killer Mistakes in Writing Government Proposals” to the Society of Marketing Professionals.

As President of Peters Writing Services, Inc., Paula has led her team of writers, designers, and web specialists to create a wide variety of highly technical written documentation for Fortune 500 clients across the globe, including American Airlines, Sprint, and Applebee’s International. In her previous career, she worked as an Advanced Leadership Training Specialist at EDS, creating and delivering training to EDS executives and managers across North America in leadership skills.

Since founding Peters Writing Services in 1999, Paula has led her team to create a wide variety of technical materials, including technical reports, white papers, CBT training, classroom training, articles, brochures, and technical web sites. She specializes in making complex material easy-to-read. Peters Writing Services was recently selected as a Kansas Existing Small Business of the Year by the Small Business Development Center (SBDC).

Paula has been publishing and winning awards for her work since 1991, when she received First Prize as a teenager for the Hartford Courant Editorial Contest. Since then, she has published articles, press releases, essays, and stories in a wide variety of national and regional magazines, such as Supervision, Succeed, American Careers, and Highlights for Children.

Paula is a graduate of Williams College, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology. She lives and works in the Kansas City area with her husband, Ryan, and her son, Zachary. She is a member of two women’s book clubs, and enjoys reading, hiking, and traveling in her free time.

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