Paula’s Services

I founded my business, Peters Writing Services, Inc., in 1999.  My goal back then was pretty simple:  to help smaller businesses be more competitive…with Fortune 500-quality written documents, such as training materials, marketing materials, and procedure manuals.

Since then, the business has grown…a lot.  I now have a diverse team of technical writers, marketing writers, graphic designers, and web specialists who help me out on client projects.  We now serve a lot of larger, more global businesses—such as Sprint, EDS, and Applebee’s International—in addition to our smaller clients.

But after 10 years, we still strive to make all of our clients look—and sound—as good as possible by helping them to “speak normally” through the written content in their web sites, brochures, and training materials.  We have also added a few new services—such as writing government proposals that help our clients to win multi-million dollar deals with the federal government.

Business Services

To learn more about our business services, click your desired link below.

Kansas Business of the Year

We have been fortunate enough to be selected by the Small Business Development Center as an Existing Business of the Year for the state of Kansas, and we have served as special guest speakers at a number of association meetings, conferences, and panels.

If you’d like to learn more about my business, please visit our web site, www.peterswriting.com, or contact Ryan Humrichouse, my Senior Partner, at (913) 485-4563 or ryan@peterswriting.com.

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